All the Moving Parts: Bringing Machine Learning to your Application

Presenter: Jon Peck

11:20 am - 11:45 am

javascript, cloud, ai, tensorflow, weka, java, python, machine learning

“What is Machine Learning? Who uses it, and why should I care? How can I integrate it into my application?”

These are questions any modern developer finds themselves asking at some point. The field of Machine Learning is deep, and many of the available resources are mathematically complex and require a lot of prior knowledge, making it difficult for the everyday developer to know where to begin.

This talk will demystify some of the basic concepts around ML, explaining what it is and how it can be used. Attendees will learn about some of the typical use cases (such as Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition), and see code snippets from some of the most common frameworks and tools (such as Scikit-Learn, Weka and Tensorflow).

Following this, we’ll see how Machine Learning can be integrated into any website, script, or mobile app by deploying it as a serverless API – adding immense power such as object detection or AI-driven chat with just a few lines of client-side code.