Always Mind Your [Developer] Surroundings

Presenter: Bill Doerrfeld

10:40 am - 11:05 am

api documentation, api use cases, api best practices, leadership, management, api design

You haven’t released a great API, you’ve sacrificed your developer relations for a MVP. Your will to release an API is strong, but have you minded your developer surroundings?

Providing an API is more than a functional hurdle. It requires an an acute attention to the consumer needs and developer reception. In marketing APIs as products, this means going beyond passive PR and promotion to communicate effectively and respond to a developer user base. In this talk, I’ll consider techniques that go beyond technical expectations to heighten the overall satisfaction third party developers have when consuming a web API.

We’ll cover methods to increase API discoverability, build successful developer communities, and incorporate tighter feedback and support channels into API programs. I’ll showcase examples of shining developer platforms that increase transparency in API-related communication, and ones that fine-tune onboarding experiences and learnability in developer portals.

Come with me as we train in the art of API practice, with Liam Neeson as a guide. We’ll see that though there’s a lot of engineering effort required to get an API off the ground, if you only focus on your own functional sparring, you may loose footing with the developer community.